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Merci Sébastien… mais je ne rajeunis pas :slight_smile:

@McCap @dngimage
I will add “inverse” for exposure, when GUI will be finished…I only contribute to this job made by Pandagrapher !
This “addition” adds with others improvments (Local contrast, contrast threshold…)


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Joyeux anniversaire, Jacques!

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Grattis på födelsedagen!

/Claes en Lund, La Suède

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Still not too late: Happy birthday dear Jacques, happpy birthday dear Jacques, happe birthday to you. Also in the name of Petra :slight_smile:

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Ingo, hank you very much, thank you to Petra



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@jdc and very warm birthday wishes from us :slight_smile:

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@jdc Though it’s no longer warm and a day too late: Bon anniversaire! :cake: :tada:

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Thank you very much :slight_smile:

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@gaaned92 and @jdc,




is running fine here.

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@gaaned92 and @jdc,




is running fine here.

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I commit a new improvment for locallab with 2 majors enhancements:
a) improve shape detection, especially for : A)burrs when color differences (hue, chroma, luma) are very low, or B) where artifacts appears for example with solid areas with hue (or luma, or chroma) variations

b) improve excludind spot

For the first “improve shape detection”, since one year, I tested 3 solutions

  1. detect structure using “Sobel Canny”, this algorithm is very good, but I don’t be abble to finelized the process… where is the good “line”?
    If it is obvious when you see the image, it is not so obvious with the code. After many, many trials, I dropped this algorithm (the code is already present)

  2. detect structure using “Contrast threshold” (as used in sharpening and in combined demosaicing)
    I implemanted (experimental) this algo - associated with others - in Color Light curves.
    In some cases, it brings someting, but a border appears in some cases, which can be embarrassing, but in most cases, this algorith is not discriminating enough

  3. improves the current algorithm that takes into account actually delta luminance, delta hue, and delta chroma, or a combinaison of this 3 parameters.
    With a new algorithm, with others combinations, I think I have arrived at a significant improvement.
    Certainly nothing is perfect, but I think the update is appreciable.

For the second point “improve excludind spot”:

  1. I found two bugs in my algorithm… of course they are solved
  2. I took advantage of point 3) above to also improve the algorithm

What are the changes ?

  1. in Color and Light
  • some curves types have been improved (for A) and B) above), with 3 experimental choices, once the trials are over, it should only be one, or replace “super”
    ** Combined hue chroma
    ** Super + contrast threshold
    ** Combined hue chroma + contrast threshold
    Note that “super” for curves takes into account A)
    Note also that sliders take into account B) if checkbox for Lightness - Contrast - chroma “super” is activated
    You cannot disabled all this settings.
  1. for others modules : Exposure, vibrance, blur and noise (including symmetric), tone-mapping retinex, contrast by detail levels, A) and B) are improved but whithout “Contrast threshold”
    Module as “sharpening” and “denoise” and “inverse” are not concerned.

I have create in options (manual) a variable “Detectshape”, it is by default “true”. If “true” all modules in 2) above are activated; if “false” RT have the same behavior as previously
When the trial period is over, I will remove this option

To simplify and avoid an extra slider, I used “scope” for each module, it has advantages (simplicity) and disadvantages (not always optimal)
It’s up to the user to find the right value, usually lower for A)…

The variable “Detectshape” is also took into account by “exludind spot”

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@gaaned92 and @jdc,




is running fine here.

(Desmis) #554

I just made an update that simplifies the code and in some cases significantly reduces the artifacts.
If they happen - in some extreme cases - consider using “Reduce artifacts - improve algoritm” acting on the 2 sliders “Threshold chroma” and “Iterations”


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@gaaned92 and @jdc,




is running fine here.

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@gaaned92 and @jdc,




is running fine here.


RawTherapee_newlocallab_5.4-1429-g9cc65909e_WinVista_64.zip has strange artifacts when you use the ‘weighted standard’ tone curve in combination and the ‘clip out of gamut colours’ box is checked.
The moon has turned black! Hopefully I have attached the raw files and pp3. Probably nothing to do with locallab, but I found it in this version.
Foss Way Moon 6.RW2 (14.6 MB)
Foss Way Moon 6.RW2.pp3 (13.3 KB)

(Ingo Weyrich) #558

The bug was also in dev build. I fixed it there. Will soon be fixed in locallab as well, I guess.


OK thanks! Good for simulating lunar eclipses anyway.

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@gaaned92 and @jdc,




is running fine here.

Thanks for fixing the bug.