Local Lab build

(Desmis) #661

The same modification but with the second file GWRrailways42.RW2 instead of GWRrailways43.RW2

(Desmis) #662

I commit a change, with

  • replace “int” by “double” for “deltaE weakening” “Exposure expcomp”, “Sharpening Radius and Blur radius”
  • to harmonize with main menu, and also more accurate

You must clear cache (or delete cache)



Thanks for the pp3 Jacques, I look forward to trying it out. I guess the best strategy is to try and adjust highlights with other tools which have more image information to play with, then lighten areas of the image using locallab.

(dngimage) #664

I use Local Lab’s Tone curve to take care of that.
Included is a pp3. I hope it helps.

Salut Jacques, thanks for your hard work and the fun time. I wish you the best with this wonderful project. Merci :slight_smile:
I will be away from RT’s Local Lab.

GWR railway 43.RW2.pp3 (15.5 KB)

(Desmis) #665

Thank you for all tests…


(Desmis) #666

@dngimage @spidermonkey

there are other ways to get there, for example

GWR railway 42.RW2jdc3.pp3 (19.2 KB)

The first spot, to reduce the exposure of the sky, is an exclude spot, on the half upper image
The second spot, to increase the exposure of the passenger and railways is a normal spot

(Desmis) #667

We can improve the result, with 2 others spot, to to lighten the shadows in the trees

GWR railway 42.RW2jdc4.pp3 (26.7 KB)

To compare with original

I just added “shadows Highlight” (only in Lab mode). This allows a good improvement in the case above

I just commit today (March 4th)

  • 2 GUI changes : 1:1 to some expanders and Display hue chroma luma ref to mask curves (thanks to Pandagrapher
  • add slider to improve mask with “GuideFilter”


(Alberto) #668

Used last version of locallab with good results in a short time, i’m very happy with it.
I hope to see localab in official release of RT.

(JegMeg) #669

839 crashes when I try to export a picture.
W10 Pro


Last few versions work well for me, no crashes for months.

(JegMeg) #671



Is running fine here.

Did also try “Spot removal tool” 5.5-256 -----:grinning:
But it crashed when I tried to open an image.


Unfortunately, RawTherapee_newlocallab_5.5-847 crashes quite often.
Here is an image and pp3 that always crashes on opening - opens momentarily, then RawTherapee shuts down.
Running on Windows 10
GWR railway 42.RW2 (14.8 MB)
GWR railway 42.RW2.pp3 (23.3 KB)
(Yes that picture again, I have taken others too!)

Tried clearing the cache, still a problem

(Desmis) #673

Effectivly it crash… whenever, I desabled all “rubrics” as “exposure”…
The 3d spot generate a crash,even in this case it’s empty…no action…

If I delete, and add a 3d spot, no crash…curious…