Local Lab build

(dngimage) #141

I am sure that will help.

(Morgan Hardwood) #142

With so few people on the team, developer resources are precious. Instead of wasting time getting RawTherapee to look nice on below-average 2017 screen resolutions, we decided to agree to a minimum supported screen resolution and spend our time improving other things.

Having all panels expanded requires a screen width of (less than) 1440px.

This screenshot is 1416x492px:

Users of lower screen resolutions can hide panels they’re not using. This screenshot is 1129x481px:

If/when the color management options currently under the preview will go into a notebook tab on the left, issue #3054, then you will be able to shrink the window width even more without hiding anything.

(Desmis) #143

I just push a change ==> fixed bug slider contrast ‘super’ (I hope)



Bad luck :disappointed_relieved: I just uploaded a build before your commit
RawTherapee_locallabgtk3_5.0-gtk3-32-gc559e602_WinVista_64 located in the same place

It should follow the new versionning method.
Only extract the debug version if you need it.

(Desmis) #145

I just push a new change!

I improved “Local Retinex”, best algorihm, and also “super” (you cannot choose other).

I change also, order in GUI : slider transition, etc.

By default : Global quality = enhanced with chroma denoise.

It is slower, but best quality :slight_smile:

(Desmis) #146

I just fixe a big bug, present since some days (around gtk2 ==> gtk3). Compiler had not the same behavior, with some functions and system crash. The crash depended from the round position of center spot, and position of limits (left, right, top, bottom) of spot !.
I think now it is fixed.

More, I have add “Tone mapping” to ‘super’

(Desmis) #147

I update the doc (Rawpedia…always in french) .


I would not be much available from Tuesday (my grandsons come on holiday), then I would be in “holidays” from late February until mid March


(dngimage) #148


I just got the latest Local Lab, RawTherapee_locallabgtk3_5.0-r1-gtk3-13-g519c010d_WinVista_64.zip from
Thanks @gaaned92!

So far so good, only a little bug, the RT’s main window doesn’t minimize with the Windows Key + M as others versions do, no big deal.

Have a great vacation with your grandsons! :slight_smile:

(Desmis) #149


Thank you :slight_smile:

How can I blackout the background of a photograph in RT?
(Desmis) #150

I push, this morning a “last” change.

I have clean code, and re-active some OMP directives…time saving about 5% to 10%



uploaded at https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B2q9OrgyDEfPS2FpdDAtMVI1RG8

Jacques, bonnes vacances

(Desmis) #152

Mais ce sont des vacances si on peut dire…car les petits enfants (même s’ils sont grands 10 et 12 ans) occupent beaucoup
Les vraies vacances, sont pour la fin du mois.

(Morgan Hardwood) #153

@jdc let me know if you need help merging your branches with the new dev and gtk2 branches.

(Desmis) #154

I abandoned GTK2, I do not make any updates!

For “dev”, no problems for merge dev in localalbgtg3, Or at least I hope



I use only locallab on gtk2… so, no more update… :cry:

(dngimage) #156

There is a bug related to the Control Points. Sometimes the Control Points position doesn’t get saved to the PP3 or when you load them from the PP3 the Control Points don’t show at the right locations. I’m not sure, but at times it seems like one Control Point affects the other (position). I need to do more testing.

I too would love to have gtk2 back or something as fast as gtk2. But I understand that with just a few developers it is challenging.

Jacques, bonnes vacances!

(Desmis) #157

Maintaining gtk2 is a lot of work, as there are code incompatibilities (beyond the GUI) between the gtk3 / gtK2 versions. I spent more than a day to find out why, exactely the same code (in rtengine) worked perfectly in gtk2 and ended up crashing in gtk3.

I asked the question a few days ago to know what was done with the various versions (2 and 3), it was chosen the “dev” branch (which is gtk3).

It would take a real request for me to rebuild gtk2, probably about ten hours (or more) of work, to run (without bug or crash) in the 2 environments. But of course, if necessary I would do it

It is important to specify which tool is used (color and light, denoise, etc.), I think that, if there is bug, it is a problem of dynamic refreshment

And thank you for testing, and thank you for all :slight_smile:

(Morgan Hardwood) #158


There should be no problems. Remember to checkout dev before trying to merge it into locallabgtk3. The complete list of steps assuming you have no uncommitted changes:

git fetch --all
git checkout dev
git pull
git checkout locallabgtk3
git merge dev

(Desmis) #159

More, the pp3 do not contains the spot characteristics, it only contain the current spot (the last you used).

It is mip files which contains all positions, all settings.
This mip files, is only update (dynamic) by improccoordinator.cc, But there are tools (eg Denoise) that only serves as dcrop.cc (I know it’s programming !!)

(dngimage) #160


It is important to specify which tool is used (color and light,
denoise, etc.), I think that, if there is bug, it is a problem of
dynamic refreshment

It is the blur & noise tool with reverse checked.

Yes, the mip files, some of the Control Points positions don’t get saved to them or one copies the others coordinates.

Keep up the great work!