Localization - How To Translate RawTherapee and RawPedia

(Morgan Hardwood) #1

This post explains how you can help translate RawTherapee’s interface and documentation.

Translation of RawTherapee’s interface labels file

  1. Check for an existing translation or start a new one.
    Check whether there is an existing translation file of the language you’re interested in translating to:
    If there is one, download the appropriate file. If one does not exist, download the file called “English (US)” and rename it to your language, let’s call it “Inuktitut” for the purpose of this post.

  2. Translate new strings.
    Open “Inuktitut” in a modern text editor (Windows users do not use “Notepad”, get Notepad++ instead). All the strings that need translating are on lines that begin with an exclamation mark, you will find them at the end of the file if you’re updating an existing translation. Translate them and remove the exclamation mark.
    As an example, if you open the Italiano file, you would translate
    !TP_EXPOSURE_EXPCOMP;Exposure compensation
    TP_EXPOSURE_EXPCOMP;Compensazione Esposizione

  3. Update existing strings
    If your “Inuktitut” file has already been translated a long time ago, chances are that some of the translated parts are out of date. To update them, open the “default” file (it contains the latest strings), then go through each already translated string in “Inuktitut”, compare it to the English string in “Default”, and update the translation if it no longer matches the English string.

  4. Upload your translation to RawTherapee
    To have this updated/new translation added to RawTherapee, attach it to a new issue using our GitHub new issue page. One of our team members will take care of the rest. Please do not create “patch” files for translations, just send us the whole translation file.


Some lines require that you use markup, while others do not handle markup! Always stick to the style used in “default”.
The following characters may need markup: < > &
When markup is needed, you must substitute them with their HTML character entity reference name:

  • < is &lt;
  • > is &gt;
  • & is &amp;

How to know when markup is needed? Look at “default”.
When “default” does not use markup, e.g.

TP_COLORAPP_RSTPRO;Red & skin tones protection

then you should also not use it in your translation, so use “&” in this example.

When “default” does use markup, e.g.

HISTORY_MSG_187;CAM02 - Red &amp; skin tones protection"

then you should also use markup in your translation, so use “&amp;” in this example.

Translation of the official documentation - RawPedia

  1. Go to the main English page http://rawpedia.rawtherapee.com/

  2. Register for a RawPedia account, send me a message and wait for me to approve it.
    Once approved, you will see an “Edit” button on every page.

  3. Find your country code. For example if you want to translate into Inuktitut, check your country’s ISO 639-1 code, which for Inuktitut is “iu”.
    If an ISO 639-1 code for your language is missing, use a ISO 639-2 code.

  4. Start with the main page, go to http://rawpedia.rawtherapee.com/Main_Page
    Click Edit, copy all the text. Now you need to make a new page where you will paste the text. Making a new page is as easy as typing in the name of a page which doesn’t exist in the address bar. Since you are now translating “Main_Page”, you will make a new main page for your language. The page must use the English name but have the /countrycode ending, e.g. /iu for Inuktitut.
    So paste all the text into http://rawpedia.rawtherapee.com/Main_Page/iu
    Now translate all the text and click “Save page”.
    Note on saving: we don’t want you to lose your work if the power goes out, but we also don’t want to get spammed by saving too often. If you’re working on a long page, it might be better to simply do the translation in a text editor and save locally to your hard drive until the translation is done, then just copy it to RawPedia and save.

  5. Do the same for each other page, e.g. for Exposure you would edit http://rawpedia.rawtherapee.com/Exposure then copy the text, make a new Exposure/iu page (please keep the name of the page in English with the /iu extension) and then translate everything in that page to Inuktitut.

Updates happen all the time, click on “recent changes” to see them.

Call for testing: RawTherapee 5.4-rc3
Call for testing: RawTherapee 5.4-rc2
Dragging Cropped Area
Support for Pentax pixel shift files #3489
(Frank Herbrand) #2

Thanks for these information, Morgan. But the process for participation on Rawpedia doesn’t work. I tried to register but I got a negative answer that a registration is not possible.

Maybe, you have some personal for translation work. But I miss a German translation. My Idea was to decide, if I produce some more German tutorials for more special function than I did it before. Or I can help German users more by translation of the Rawpedia.

What do you think? Do you have persons which are actually working for a German translation or do you looking for?

Best regards, Frank


Yes, me. :slight_smile:

EDIT: Sorry, you are talkling about RawPedia - that’s not me. :blush:

(Frank Herbrand) #4

Did you the translate the software texts? :slight_smile: I was surprised about the good translation in Version 5!

I read the Rawtherapee Help “Rawpedia”. The English version contains a lot of information which are important for users. So I think it makes more sense to translate Rawpedia into German than to write some more tutorials. Rawtherapee is complex. But also simple to use for newbies when newbies know witch adjustments are most important for starting with this software. So, I would be more interested in translation than in new tutorials.

Greetings, Frank


Thanks, yes I did. :blush:

(Morgan Hardwood) #6

Hi @fherb
If you want to translate RawPedia into German then sign up for a RawPedia account and let me know what your username is. Then I will give you the required access.

Some parts of RawPedia need updating, and I want to do that in the same order in which the articles are listed there, one article per two or three days, as time permits. So it would be best if you started translating also in that order, so that you translate the updated articles, not the out of date ones.

(Frank Herbrand) #7

Ok, Morgan!

I try it again, now. And I use the same user name as here: fherb.

Best regards, Frank!

(Frank Herbrand) #8

… And i know, thats a lot of work is waiting.


The main part for a user is, of course, “Tool description”. But you wrote that you start to renew the pages step by step. But, on the main page the Tool Description comes after General Information and Processing Profiles. …

Maybe (the best way) I can see the last changes-date on each English version page. In case it is not to see, please send me a simple list of pages which are revised from you.

Time planning: I’m a person what would like to work exactly. My goal is to write the text for a maximum of understanding. Maybe, some pages need some time to get an adequately translation. I would estimate that I have to work all over the spring. RawTherapee is a product of high quality and a lot of really good functions. It’s important to write pages that anybody can understand of this features as good as possible.

In case there is another person interesting in translation, so it would be ok to include it.

Best regards, Frank

(Frank Herbrand) #9

Additional Question:

I can remember from my former searching cases: Very special information about the algorithms should be written from the developer directly into the source. In case I need this for some better understanding: Where can I download these sources?

Greetings, Frank

(Mica) #10

Source is available from the github page: https://github.com/Beep6581/RawTherapee

(Ingo Weyrich) #11

If (very likely :frowning: ) there are no good comments in code, don’t hesitate to ask me. I can’t assure to give the correct answer but I can assure to give my very best to do so :slight_smile:


(Morgan Hardwood) #12

@fherb your account is now ready. When translating a page, create a copy of the English page with a /de extension, the same way the French and Japanese translations are done, then translate that foo/de page. As described in the first post in this topic.

I am updating the articles in the order in which they’re listed on the main page. I’ve updated the first article so far, hope to do the second one tomorrow. You can see a list of recent changes by clicking on “Recent changes” in RawPedia in the main menu on the left side. A change of course doesn’t mean that an article is up to date, it just means it was somehow changed. I will write something like “Up to date” in the change message to show that an article is ready.


I could also help with the german translation of rawpedia. I just requested an account using the same user name as here.

(Morgan Hardwood) #14

@McCap great, your account is now active.

(Frank Herbrand) #15

@Morgan_Hardwood Ok, Morgan. Thanks for your information!

@McCap Very good! There is a lot to do. Maybe we should make a short kick-off meeting. :slight_smile: You will find my e-mail-address on my user page http://rawpedia.rawtherapee.com/User:Fherb . It could be that we have different knowledge. Maybe it make sense to sort the pages in different groups for us. For these special discussion we can use German language.

Best wishes to everyone!


Hi @fherb I contacted you per email.


How should we deal with links in the translation?

One example:

In the Start Rawtherapee chapter there’s a link to:

Should we change the link to the (not yet existing) …/The_File_Browser_Tab/de or how does this work?

(Morgan Hardwood) #18

@McCap First, copy the contents of Getting_Started to Getting_Started/de, that is to preserve the formatting and make translation easier. Then edit that Getting_Started/de page. When you get to links you can straight away change them to foo/de, e.g. The_File_Browser_Tab/de. They will appear in red until you actually create that page.

(Frank Herbrand) #19

Only an intermediate message:

Dear Colleagues!

I estimate, that a 1/3th of the German translation is done. There are some questions. But at first, I collect these on the discussion pages next to the German content page. It makes sense to translate all pages at first and discuss special questions at the end. Maybe some of them are obsolete after I read and translate the rest of all pages.

Next days I will start with “Processing Profiles”. After this, the Tool Descriptions are following. Maybe there are some German RawTherapee users: Any help in translation, didactic completion, spelling and grammar check is welcome!

Best regards, Frank


Hello Rawpedia team,

I have no more access to edit Rawpedia and can’t update French translations. Could someone fix that?
nick: Lebarhon