locallab reset all show modifications

Hi all,
what is it the ResetAll Show Modifications for?
I’ll would be to think it’s for resetting all modifications of a spot modifications :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

but if I make a modifications and push that… the sliders do not come back to dafault values

What am I missing? @jdc


Probably a bad name.
I introduced this button when there were all the tools possibly available at the same time. which is no longer the case now.

When in “mask and modification”, you enable “show modifications wi…”, you may forgot where it is…and you have an image grey…and you search where…

Now, with the new GUI, I propose not to uninstall but make hide (keep in case of)


Done, this button is now hide


thanks… but one more question…

Is it newlocallab2 the new RT locallab??