Locallab shadow/highlights doesn't change histogram

I noted with this module in Version: 5.8-2476-g94ec1bbd4 when I move any slider the image in the preview changes but the histogram remains the same.

with module enabled

with module disabled

with slider changed

You note the color picker changes but not the histogram

What am I missing?


I do not see why ?

And there is the same behavior for “Local contrast & wavelet”

All others tools update histogram…

@Pandagrapher @heckflosse do you have an idea ?

Thank you



I just tested. Works fine here.



Yes it works fine, for “color and light” and many others tools, except “Shadows/highlight” and “local contrast & wavelet” where histogram does not change…


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The histogram uses the same data the navigator uses, which also does not show the effect of shadow highlight tool

@jdc Jacques, I guess some locallab tools (by accident) are only called from dcrop.cc (for preview), but not from improccoordinator.cc (for navigator, panning backgound, and histogram)

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@jdc That seems to be due to the call attribute in lab_local function. In improcoordinator, it is equal to 3 which seems to deactivate shadow/highlight in iplocallab

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Thank you :slight_smile:
You are true, in the parameter line for “shadows-highligt” , I wrote “call <3”…big carelessness on my part, Now it is “call <=3” to take into account in pipeline “improccoordinator.cc”

The 2 bugs are now fixed

  • Shadows hightlight
  • local contrast wavelet
    Now update histogram

Commit ea156df1a

Thank you :slight_smile:


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Many thanks to all you :+1: :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face: now it works!!!