Lochan in Strontian

Returning to some old images to see how I might do things differently after learning from @s7habo @aurelienpierre @priort @Claes and others.

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Very different look…nice…

Taking your cue for a bit of a warmer version this this is where I landed…

P1070379.RW2.xmp (15.3 KB)


Nice. The sky in my second effort is too blue. Tried to control it through Color calibration but not so successfully. You’ve got it much more under control

Great photo! I think I overdid it a little, but was looking for a high contrast look, whilst keeping the tree discernible. Would look really nice on print I believe.

P1070379.RW2.xmp (35.3 KB)

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Good one. Yes, I shot it too dark so hard to keep the tree

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lochen.in.strontium.pp3 (18.3 KB) RawTherapee 5.8 Development


after learning from … Claes … and others.

Oh, you flatterer! :-)))

Apart from that: this is exactly why I like this forum so much.
No, we do not have to agree with everything.
But, once in a while, a gem pops up which we can use for this or for that.

To return to old images can be great fun.
I bet that then, we “developed” those images to the very best
of our “thenability”. If we are able to tweak something more or
something else from them, using our “nowability” — then super :slight_smile:

Have fun!
Claes in Lund, Sweden


Haha. I realise now my old edits are pretty bad. But do I re-edit them now and then have to do them again in another year or so?! Oh no….

Crap, also I forgot to add @nwinspeare

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DT 3.9


Really natural looking colours

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pretty image!
dt 3.8.0

P1070379.RW2.xmp (33.6 KB)


@TonyBarrett I am curious what the title Lochen in Strontium describes. Please elaborate, thanks.

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Nice shot!

lochen-in-strontium-P1070379.RW2.xmp (11.1 KB)
dt 3.8.1


@Soupy Punchy!

My version…

P1070379_01.RW2.xmp (19.3 KB)

Darktable 3.9.0~git1351.1a09726c-1


Oh dear. It’s multiple typos by me…. Should be lochan, Gaelic for small loch or lake. Strontium is the element named after the Scottish village of Strontian (where it was discovered) on the Sunart peninsula in the Western Highlands, where the picture was taken… thanks and sorry for the confusion!

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A lovely image.
It gave me the opportunity to experiment, to see what I could do in different areas of the photograph. Now when I look at my result, I think it is greatly overdone, but here it is.


I like the sky in particular. My hill was a little pink, I realised after posting. It’s hard to judge after sitting in front of an edit for a while. Kind of need to walk away for a while and go back to it. Also seeing different versions really helps. There’s something to learn from all of them.