log: r_pp_ll_00004.fit.[any_allowed_extension] not found

After registering a sequence I found that this sequence is detected when I search for it, but it cannot be loaded and cannot be used for stacking. This happens with “global star alignment” and also with “two-pass global star alignment” and subsequent “apply existing registration”

The error message I am getting is

log: r_pp_ll_00004.fit.[any_allowed_extension] not found

The file (with the extension .fz) is present and can be displayed in Siril as a single image.
Maybe some mess-up since the introduction of .fz headers ?

Thanks for your good work,



I can confirm the bug of this feature. The flag telling the sequence uses fz is not reported into seq files after registration.

That should be fine now.

Good to hear :grinning:

Our messages have crossed. The last commit should fix the bug.

Just checked it. YES, it is fixed. Just one hour between my first mail and the fix. This is incredible :+1:

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