Looking for Name Ideas

(Boris Hajdukovic) #21

What about: photography talks ?


Nothing will top GOATSTINK but I tried anyway

  • Shutter Clutter
  • Photon Phever
  • Crack Behind the Lens
  • A Click in Time
  • Game of Zones
  • Shooters Keepers
  • 18 Cents’ Worth
  • Focus Coaxus
  • Unsharp Masquerade

(Nick Auskeur) #23


(farid) #24

Vimeo Weekend Challenge is pretty cool as well… maybe we can create and give badges to the winners as prizes.

  • Focus Coaxus

May I suggest Focus Paucus? From latin Paucus: not many, This pretty much describes the high rejection rate in my culling process :slight_smile:


-Shoot to Kill
-Click Off
-Hocus Focus (inspired by @ofnuts)

Whatever it’s called, I’m looking forward to it. Could do with some encouragement/inspiration, I sometimes think I only practise theoretical photography.

(Gord) #27

:smiley: Right with you on that one!

(Pat David) #28

omg this is great! :slight_smile: that was a good laugh. :smiley:


@james Shoot to Kill. While I was composing my list of names, I tried to avoid connotations of violence. I thought of many, including James Bond puns ([GoldenTrigger]? :roll_eyes:), and [Hit&Run] for street photography. I still kept [Run&Gun] because it could be used as a sports term.

Hocus Focus sounds like a Young Adult novel or B-movie/television title :laughing:, as do many of the other names that we have been throwing around :blush:.

@Raja Game of Zones. Too easy but very sticky (I mean compelling) at the same time. I personally enjoyed Marco Polo more ([MacroPolar]? :roll_eyes:), though it was a mixed bag for most and had to be canceled after two seasons.


How about TakeOut?


Yum, MSG goodness!

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