Lovers in Cannes

(Thomas) #1

I felt a little “experimental” today :sunglasses:. Here a photo from Cannes (France) developed with a very unusual tone curve .


I like it :eagle:man =), like a solarized inverted twister. Are the halos consequence of the tone curve?

(dumb) #3

Sorely tempted to make it a lot messier. Good stuff, loving the halos from the normalisation (I presume).

(Thomas) #4

The dark edges are a consequence of the tone curves, the “glow” around the persons comes from the soften module.


so you wanted it hard but soften :stuck_out_tongue:
I cannot but imagine that she’s gonna squeeze him till his eyeballs pop out… {there you have it: furious revenge lovin’ mr eastwood!!} kind of like the tightened love object

(dumb) #6

Couldn’t resist any longer:


Was it a staged or did you see it and quickly take the shot? I like how they are moving toward each other.

(Thomas) #8

It happend by chance. I was shooting the love sculpture in different ways, when they came by.