lut 3D module and scene-referred workflow

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quick question this time :-). Is there any particular caveat to be aware when using the lut 3D module within the scene-referred workflow?

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Some positive info here:

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Thank you. I had read Aurelien’s post — which I understood as saying that lut 3D is indeed compatible with the scene-referred workflow. My concern came from the fact that I observed a degree of posterisation on skin tones after applying some LUT, so I wondered whether that was related to the scene-referred workflow (and how it would be possible to avoid the artefact).

There’re different kinds of LUTs:

  1. bring back ‚reality‘ from flat profile shots
  2. apply a look for a proper developed image

The first should be used in the scene referred part; the second are often designed to be part of a display referred workflow - so better be applied after filmic.

I think that may then be the issue. Is there a way to tell whether a LUT belongs to one class or another? I was trying the LUTs available on the ON1 website


Sometimes LUTs are advertised to be applied to log footage, others to be applied on Rec 709 material.
And most doesn’t specify it :wink:
Then you need to test it yourself. For example some LUTs brightens blacks - these effects can be compensated by filmic, so it doesn’t make sense to use it before.

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