MacOS Ventura 13.2

The new update wont fix the gtk problems. Jesus, Apple! Lame. The darktable wont work, still, with the mouse in new updated os. Maybe in 3-4 years. :)) What was apple, and what is now…

I use a trackpad on Mac. Just curious what exactly is the problem with a mouse attached? Apple mouse or regular PC mouse?

the latest build and one before that solves the problem

Regular mouse. And even apple trakpad doesn’t work.

Can’t click on any burger menu. Can’t choose anything. Practically darktable is useless on mac. On os ventura. I don’t know if any os before behavior like this.

I have 4.2.0 build. And doesn’t work. I only can use the keyboard through burger menus. :frowning:

I am on Ventura i7 8700k Intel based Hackintosh and for me the build from the given link solves the problem. I am able to use mouse as it is suppose to be used.
Sorry that it’s not working for you.

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Have a look at Info: macOS 13 breaks darktable - #15 by Rajkhand
There’s a search function here to avoid noise…

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workaround means accepting stupidity and deafness of the “big companies” there are only for the money. they dont listen they dont care. I have a verry good software, and a very bad OS. Beta OS at most. After 3-4 months Apple didn`t fix the problem. They care about what emoji are beautiful, how the animation of useless non sense working, etc. They broke everything os after os. Maybe Monterey will do the job. Who needs a failure os? To bad this is happening. I wait for Apple to woke up like I wait Santa. :))

I have to do workarounds to broke something else. No. Pass Ventura.

This is apple. GTK3 GUI support in macOS 13.x Ventura? - Apple Community

have a look at current OSX Build - #599 by MStraeten

You will probably be waiting of the rest of your life. Sounds like you’re ready to move on. Linux will most likely run on your Mac. If you still need macOS, install a Linux distro via the free version of VMware Fusion.