Making a montage problem

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First of all hello to one and all. I’ve just started using G’MIC and have one which seems like a dumb question. The preview on the left of the montage that shows estimated size is a landscape view and I would like change it to vertical. I can see how to do that with the photo’s within the montage but not the overall preview.

I searched high and low and I’m guessing it simple but no luck.

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I assume this is the “Montage” filter rather than the “Drawn montage” one?

How many input images are you using?

Are the input images landscape?

An example may help us, if possible!

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Yes, example input and output images would help us help you. :wink:

On a personal note, I am not sure about the plugin montage but I really wanted to like the CLI montage. I tried and gave up on it. If I really need to do a montage, I use ImageMagick. One forte of IM is that it provides multiple ways of doing things but it might have a steeper learning curve than G’MIC.

E.g., see: