Managing Color Profiles for Two Monitors in GIMP


I decided to do a scorched earth Win10 reinstall on my desktop computer while at home “Social Distancing”.

I’ve got a Dell Precision 3420 SFF Tower with two HP Pavilion 23cw monitors attached. Some time back I bought a Datacolor Spyder5 screen calibrator cheap off of B & H and thought it would be a good time to actually calibrate my monitors. Shocking, right?

Anywho, as I’ve got two screens, the software created two profiles, which is all well and good.

The question now is, how do I use those in GIMP? I found the color management settings, but am officially confused. It will only let me enter one profile. Does that mean I should only use GIMP on the monitor for which the profile was supplied?

Any guidance on this would be appreciated as I’m something of a nooby on color management.



Hi, you must set the profiles system-wide, in the Windows color management settings, the right one for each monitor, and then check the box “use system profile” in Gimp. However I am not sure whether Gimp supports more than one screen.
Why do you need two calibrated screens for editing in Gimp? I suppose the image resp the preview of the image that you are editing is one one screen and maybe the toolbox on the other?
Btw, I suggest you use the Displaycal profile manager - it is more reliable than Windows.

Hope this helps

Okay that’s what I eventually did. The correct profiles are assigned to each monitor in Windows Color management. The Spyder5 software did that for me automagically.

I’m not using two screens in editing in GIMP, but will move windows from screen to screen as the mood strikes me.