Managing the dynamic profile as a default profile

A couple of questions on managing profiles flowing from my post yesterday about adding a filter for monochrome photos to the dynamic profile.

I assume that the dynamic profile modifies one of the underlying static profiles - looks like Auto Matched Curve in my case (presumably that is the default). So if I want to add a change to every photo, I can either create a new base profile (so replace Auto Matched Curve with my own modified profile at the top of the dynamic menu) or I can add a separate line with no condition to the dynamic profile (I can see that you might choose either in different circumstances). Is that correct?

And I can’t see any version of auto exposure correction in ART (which seems to feature in many other similar programmes). Does Auto Matched Curve effectively do that via the tone curve? Or does it do it some other way? Or not do it at all? If the latter, is that not an omission for simple processing to match the camera jpg?

Thanks again in advance for advice.


Yes, that’s the idea. In most cases it works fine, though there are still some outliers (phones with computational tricks are a prominent example for which a simple tone curve approximation might be far off…)

Not really. ART by default comes with a set of rules that say “apply automatched for all photos”, but you can override them fully if you want. The starting point for the dynamic profiles is always the built-in “neutral”, which is as close to a no-op as possible while still letting you see a picture on the screen.


Thanks. I normally take just Raw these days (hence the need to create jpegs quickly for some purposes) but I’m now planning to do some in-camera jpegs too to let me compare and see how close the Auto Matched Curve looks (just out of interest). Lumix GX80, so hopefully fairly close.

I think I understand on the profiles. Again, I can have a play around to make sure I know what is being applied when.

Thanks for responding and thanks again for your work on a great bit of software.