Managing your styles like a pro

(Johannes Karlsmyr) #1

Hey there,

i wanted to clean up the list of styles in Darktable to only include those i actually use and found no way to remove them all in one go, so i looked around and found a solution.

Make a backup first in case something gets foobar!

  1. Located your data.db (~/.config/darktable in Linux)
  2. Open the data.db in a sqlite browser (sqlite in linux)
  3. Open table “styles”
  4. Remove any styles you are longer interested in by simply deleting the row in the table


(João Almeida) #2

I do something similar on the uninstall scripts of my t3mujinpack presets, but depending on your desired result you may also need to remove entries from style_items (check

What I would really love would be a way to organize my styles, like a tag, so I can filter them.