Marbled Stone Mosaic.

Been on a mosaic binge of late; thought I would share a result here, too. :slight_smile:

ref: here

hirez here



Talk about coincidence: I just this morning came across and had a look at your Do androids dream… contribution and now you post this…

Very nicely done! I do like the sheep one more, but that is just my taste.

Thanks, Jade. I like to electrify things up often. Also experimented recently with creating Kirlian photography renders; sample below. :slight_smile:

There are some really interesting creations on your flickr site!

I’ve read, and am currently reading, a lot of Jeff VanderMeer and some of your work would fit perfectly in his world-builds.

This one for example Flower Deep Styled:

And the Cabbage is mesmerizing…

Thanks again for the words, Jacques. I just wish Deep Dream would be a bit faster and allow for higher rez without having to implement it externally. I recently got a Deep Dream upgrade which helps with the resolution issue, but you only get to render one of the high rez versions an hour (and it’s slow at that). lol


Not going to start another thread even though this one’s more river polished stone than marble. :slight_smile:


Hirez here