Matching dcraw output in RT

I developed a series of .arw files in dcraw with the command line args dcraw -v -6 -T -o 2 -w -W . Now I would like to develop matching images using RawTherapee, but I am stuck. The ‘neutral’ profile on the raw appears way lighter than the dcraw output - which is the linearized raw in AdobeRGB with gamma 2.2. Since those tiffs will be combined into an hdr used for lighting I dont want to just eyeball the values. Maybe someone can find a way to match the dcraw output in RT?

I uploaded three example pairs to OneDrive

So the closest I could get so far is:

-Apply neutral profile to raw
-Set working Profile and output Profile to AdobeRGB

if i apply a gamma of ~0.8 to the resulting image it almost matches the dcraw output. Is there any reasonable explanation for this tonal mismatch?

so, at this point im not sure if the problem is black point, gamma or both. I managed to match the Photomatix result with LuminanceHDR using the ‘Save Reference Image’ option (with wb), so thats a starting point at least. Are there any Transformations apart from working and output profile being applied in RT between final output and the ‘reference image’ when exporting with ‘neutral’ profile.

I haven’t used reference image in a long time, so I don’t remember. It is definitely less processed (or processed differently) than neutral and commonly used for profiling.