Maybe a dumb darkroom question: where is the color picker icon?

I just upgraded to 3.2.1, but I had this question even for 3.0.2. The online darktable manual says in section 3.3.6, " The color picker is activated by pressing the icon." However, I see no such Icon on my darkroom screen. I don’t know whether I just don’t see it or if it’s actually not there. Where on the screen is it supposed to be?

PS - My suspicion is that I’m not seeing the entire screen, but I don’t have that problem with other applications.

Never mind, I found it. On my screen, it was out of view, under the “duplicate manager”. When I collapsed the duplicate manager, there it is.

So I apologize, it is a dumb question.

Close down the modules on the right hand side, color picker is there.

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Yep, I found it just a minute ago. But it’s on the left side.

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