Metadata filter


In the metadata filter the calendar per default chooses the date of the oldest photo as “start” date and the newest as “end” date.
Would it be a good idea to have an option “today”?


I’m not sure I understand the use case for this, can you explain? Thanks!

Sorry I was not precise.

I use the calendar mostly to select from the library the latest imported photos which I thought could be done automatically with a "today* option.
Now I have 1) to check the “today” date and 2) set it manually 2 times in the calendar.
WIth an option that sets the date of “today” I would save 20 secs. … So not really important.


Hmmm… unless you have your camera date set in the future, the photos of “today” will always be the more recent ones in the folder. Therefore, the 2nd date will already be “today”, and you just need to set the 1st date to be equal to the 2nd one, no?

In the editor the date of the first photo on top is
21-01-08. Scrolling down the date increases to 21-02-21 which was my last “today” photo.
For some funny reasons the date jumps back and the next photo was taken on the 20-09-30. The date increases again until the last photo of the library at the bottom of the editor has the date 20-12-27. So the photos are not (completely) sorted in increasing order and my “today” photos currently appear somewhere in the middle of the list.
It appears to me now it seems there was a problem when the year changed. Some 2021 bug?

The default dates in the calendar are correct the oldest (20-09-30) on the left and the newest on the right (21-02-21).

You are right in principle it is sufficient to set in the calendar the date on the left equal to the date in the right. Never noticed that… Lockdown effect may-be.


The photos are sorted by name, not by date. Though I agree it would be useful to customize this. Something for the next version :slight_smile: