Method for checking focus in Darktable

Hello everyone,

I’m looking for some help with reviewing photos in Darktable. When sorting through my photos I like to sometimes zoom in to 100% in order to check for critical focus. I know Darktable has indicators for focus (using ctrl+z) but I’ve found it to be hit or miss sometimes. Is there an easy way to zoom to 100% while the photo is in lighttable?


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It’s not possible if you use 2.6.x or previous release but will be possible on next major version (2.8) which will be release on Christmas. If you already use the master version (future 2.8), you could zoom by pressing CTRL+mouse wheel (a shortcut is also available but I don’t have it in mind as I prefer using mouse wheel ; but you could find it on shortcuts tabs in preferences).

Yeah I’m on 2.6.2 right now but I’m glad to know something is in the works. I have a work around right now where I check at 100% in the darkroom but it would be much easier if I can knockout soft photos in the lighttable. Thanks!

And you will have also compare functions on next major release, with possibility to see 2 or more images on screen and to zoom in images on same position (and change if needed position where you zoom on each image separately). That will be with a much more new functions (and a new gorgeous UI as you could see on this forum (development version is version 2.7 actually).

Wow thanks for the news on the upcoming Darktable updates; they all sound quite handy.