Metropolitan sunset

(Mica) #21
  1. I do have a sweet life, yes!
  2. You’ve had some nice critiques, but they can certainly be terrible!

(Bri) #22

Do it! I was thinking of doing similar and don’t want to be alone in it!

(Jonas Wagner) #23

It’s a cool (or rather warm) shot. I like the glowing sky and the shadows the tree casts on the building.

Framing: it looks quite crowded to me, maybe a step to the right could have limited the space the gray boxes take up or revealed the graffiti a bit more making them somewhat interesting. Waiting just a bit for the car on the right lane to pass might have opened it up a bit too.

Colors: At least to me it’s a bit too magenta. I like the contrast.

Projection: Maybe that’s just me but getting the projection just right so that some more lines are perfectly horizontal/vertical might add to it.