Milky Way / Astronomical processing incl. denoise challenge

Can someone help me with this milky way shoot? I#ve tried a lot in RawTehrappe but the noise drives me crazy.20200725_Humboldtsee_mit_Daniel_425.ARW (23.6 MB) 20200725_Humboldtsee_mit_Daniel_425.ARW.pp3 (12.2 KB)

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My RawTherappe approach. :hugs:


I have no idea how a good astro image should look, but I have tried anyway.

No Noise reduction from Detail tab because colors around stars where lost, and I think they should be kept.

20200725_Humboldtsee_mit_Daniel_425.jpg.out.pp3 (13.2 KB)
RT5.8dev commit b55312140
Note that some processing is done with some wavelet options only available in dev version.


20200725_Humboldtsee_mit_Daniel_425.ARW.xmp (8.8 KB)

Edit, with more denoising:

20200725_Humboldtsee_mit_Daniel_425.ARW.xmp (12.0 KB)

a) You need a faster lens, at least f/2.8 or shoot more pictures for stacking
b) Set the camera to ISO 640 (with higher values you have less dynamic range and less colors)
c) Set the camera to daylight white balance

What @Thomas_Do got out is probably the best you can get. For demosaicing VNG4 + one time color smoothing will already reduce the noise a log. So one denoise profiled should be enough to get rid of the rest.

Thanks @asn for the tipps.

Unfortunalty I just had the Kit lens during a camping vacation. I #m sure that a lens with a lower aperture will produce better results.

The key to noise reduction is to stack multiple images. Additionally, you can use stacks of dark, flat and bias frames to remove different types of noise. At least the shooting of several light, dark and bias frames can be easily achieved.
Have a look at siril. The program is a little difficult to handle at first but there are good tutorials in the internet.