Missing control in wavelets

I’m still in the dev version - I’m told there is not long to wait for the official release…

However - in Rawpedia in the chapter on Wavelets and the section about residual image contrast it says

This group of controls starts with an option that allows you to assign negative values to the sliders (Algorithm using negative values ).

it also says that the option is only available in the dev version which this is. There is NO visible evidence of this option (I would expect a check box). And the module behaves as it says it will without the option enabled.

Is this feature available - or it wishful thinking on the part of Rawpedia?

This, it showing up on RawPedia, is a leftover for as far as I can tell:

Not entirely sure if this one is going to be revived, maybe @jdc can enlighten us and if this one is gone for good then it should be removed from the RawPedia page.

Bottom line: It is not available at the moment in RawTherapee.

I think, to check, that it is simply that the documentation is not up to date.

Negative values work, without enabling any options.

This is valid for both “main wavelet” and “LA wavelets”


Thanks - I’ll try again!


Thanks for checking and updating the RawPedia page!

In fact there are negative for the shadows, whch do what they should, but there aren’t for the highlights, and using the slider only has the effect of darkening them, which is a pity.


I made a summary update of the part of the documentation concerned (Shadows/highlights of the residual image), as well as other small modifications which referred to a current version.

For information I am not the author of this documentation, it is not an escape from responsibility, but a fact.