Missing corners and other details

When I took the photo, sun was coming from back, but effect is totally confusing. It’s new camera for me and I am trying to understand if it’s camera quirk, photographer’s mistake or whatever.

A cat door is visible. That’s a wall corner Wall is yellowish in color and even corners are not visible.

Looking for recovering details in the image. I tried fooling with filmic, color calibration and exposure with parametric mask.

DSC00058.ARW (20.1 MB)

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I just opened the image in darktable. The back wall is really over exposed so the color is lost. However, the strange colors on your posted image I can not replicate.

  1. Clipped highlights because of overexposure.
  2. Likely used the default clip algorithm in highlights module
  3. The weird colours you see are likely - that’s somewhat typical - an effect of filmicrgb maxrgb color preservation strategy. (try switching to off)

So if you want to deal with such images, it’s all about “what to do with the bloody clipped parts”. You will find a lot of advice in this forum. Just beware, many people suggest to use lots of masks and fancy modules, just ignore for now. Concentrate on highlights and filmicrgb first. Remaining issues we be much smaller.


In addition to all that (and not solvable with a better exposure), you also have a mixed light situation:
indoors light of about 2900K, outdoors closer to 4500K. That means that a global white balance will either shift the skin towards red, or the walls outside towards blue.

But I agree, a correct exposure is the first step. So the best thing to do would be to retake the image if possible… “Underexposing” will make the woman appear too dark on the in-camera jpeg., That shouldn’t be too much of a problem, the more as you can lower the ISO setting (halve it for every EV of correction, so -2 EV correction allows you to use 500 ISO).

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Simple blend highlights recovery in Photoflow
DSC00058.pfi (62.1 KB)

Balanced highlights recovery in Art followed by Photoflow tonemapping

DSC00058art.pfi (46.4 KB)

Interesting photo to show capabilities of highlights handling algos.

Here is just a screenshot to show there are details in the blown out part using the new highlights recovery algorithm in a 10sec edit.


Thank you all. I am amazed by the help rendered in these forums. Now onus is on me to learn. @hannoschwalm thank you for pointers and edit. I know the room and you did bring out the details

@rvietor - thank you. I know it was clipped and I think you are right about mixed source.

I’ll do my homework again and try to get the details back.

Could you share what settings you used on the sliders…I played a bit and couldn’t get that …but you might have also made another tweak…

Nothing fancy here. defaults for highlights recovery (the new stuff), tone equalizer reducing 2 stops for the very brightest part and in filmic preserve chrominance off. As said, just a 10sec setting to show that there are some details that could be used.



à priori un canal dans les hautes lumières est limite cramé, j’ai quand même récupéré un peu de la couleur “jaunâtre” du mur, certainement une mesure de la lumière à un mauvais endroit et peut-être quelques reflets sur le mur.

Mon essai :

DSC00058_01.ARW.xmp (7.0 KB)