Module order LUT 3D and filmic rgb

The default v3.0 module order places lut 3D before filmic rgb, but shouldn’t it rather be placed after filmic?

From my understanding I would first get everything straight, i.e. white balance, exposure, contrast, highlights, etc. by using the essential modules (white balance, exposure, …, filmic). At this point I have an image that I find technically good. And if I then want that distorted Polaroid 669-look I would add the lut module after filmic do have colors swapped according to the Polaroid 669 LUT.
Does that make sense?

I tried it out on a bunch of images and I always found the result more convincing if the lut module was placed after filmic rgb.

Hi, this is covered in the manual:

Thats a frequent discussion. If the LUT is intended to be used in a display referred workflow (these are a whole bunch „look“ oriented LUTs) you might move the module there. But there’re also LUTs better applied in the scene referred part of the pipe and the module itself is designed to be part of the scene referred pipe.
You might search for these discussions - i doubt, there are new arguments…

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