Monday Mini-quest

Anyone care to have a guess about what I might have been doing today?

Have fun!
Claes in Lund, Sweden


Or, eating cake sprinkles and trying to clean up the food color from your face. Okay, let’s see your face… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Think you have been painting and used that paper towel to dry your brushes?

Cleaned your printer


I’m with that

Throwing out your kid’s school artwork.

Another guess: a failed 3D print from one of @Joan_Rake1’s edits.
(Or is it a successful one?)


Doesn’t quite look like one of mine, but if anyone wants them, they can go ahead.


First thought was a nosebleed but then @Claes would have to be a :unicorn: or nyan :cat:.

Hi all!

Not bad, not bad :slight_smile:

I’d say that @gadolf came close (as well as he was the first with a guess in the right direction), so congratulations, Rei!

@paperdigits yes, you really ought to recognize the evidence, with your background…

@afre already yesterday I planned to add something in the line of No, I have not been sneezing. Apart from that, of course I am a unique 'orn as well as a cool cat.

So, after this long prelude: what I did yesterday was to refill the printer’s ink cartridges. All six of them. Quite a messy business, but the operation was successful.

Have fun!
Claes in Lund, Sweden

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refill… You’re a better man than I. I dutifully bring mine to the local office supply store, hoping to get them in the hands of a concern that has the equipment and facilities (probably a tile room with a water hose and drain… :grin: )

Printer cartridges and Keurig coffee cups… :tired_face:

Had issues with refills. I use after market cartridges, a compromise between DIY and brand name products.

Keurig is just wasteful. I try not to use single-use products and recycle or reuse what I can.

Presently, I’m loading a reusable cartridge with coffee, bit of a PITA but I feel better about the waste. We’re also recycling the disposable containers, but getting the coffee and filter out of them is another PITA. I miss my Mr. Coffee…

French press or aero press, all day every day.

OK not all day, but all morning for sure.

Construction coffee, or missileman coffee, not sure which is worse…

When I was overseas, our subcontractor’s hardware guy would bring coffee from Hawaii when he came out, and their site lead would order pallets of 2gal water, so I pitched into their fund and drank well. One Monday, they were on holiday and I wasn’t, didn’t want to make a whole pot for my self, so I wandered down to the basement where the missile folk worked. Found out they were drinking Folgers coffee made with ‘island water’, which was collected off the runway and Heavily chorinated. I’m not picky, but I couldn’t choke it down.

On the power plant job I worked, we got a new manager toward the end who, first thing in the morn, would just press the brew button on the coffee maker if the basket was still full of used coffee, even if from the day before. We double-downed on the end-of-day cleaning duties to mitigate that…

Absolutely nothing to do with printing, or photography… :grin:

What is more expensive: premium coffee or premium ink? :stuck_out_tongue:

Premium ink for sure!