Monetizing a photograph

Back in April of this year, I visited Claude Monet’s gardens in Giverny, France (close to my original hometown).

I took many flower pictures, but also this bucolic view of the pond (alas without nympheas):

Today I thought I’d try to Monetize it. I mean, turn it into an image that would look like it is actually one of Monet’s paintings. Using G’MIC and its Stylize filter, with Monet’s Nympheas 1904 painting, and some tweaks, gave this:

Pretty cool, I think!


Great picture and nice monetization! I was there around 15 years ago; I took tons of pictures but they’re Velvia slides that I’ve never had a chance to scan.

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This would make an awesome canvas print!

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If I Monetize my photos, it won’t be Monet for nothing anymore


Get your Kitsch for free?


That’s a good one :sweat_smile:

:framed_picture: + G’MIC + ?? → :moneybag::moneybag::moneybag:?

@sguyader, you cannot imagine how nice it is for me to see this kind of use !
Kudos ! :gift: :heart_eyes:


The best kind of postcard. Fuel for more diary entries. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

David, I can imagine. Being a prof in Caen, maybe you’re also a Normand like me? At least by adoption?

Not at all, maybe by adoption (but it looks like it’s not really possible in Normandy ,
I’ve been here only for 15 years :slight_smile: )

Give me the recipe, and I’ll sign it right away :slight_smile:
(selling fake Monet paintings not being an option)

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The colors are a bit too dark and too saturated, and the brushstrokes are too small for ~1905 :wink:
Have a closer look at Monet’s stylistic development. This looks like a painting form the 1880s, but at that time, the garden did not exist yet. Must be more “blurred”.


That’s how you do it!

I want my, I want my G’ M(i) C.


Wow, this is very nice. A friend’s daughter and her boyfriend (both from Sudbury, Ontario, Canada) visited the Monet Gardens on her birthday (Sept 7) because he’s one of her favourite painters, that’s when Jacob proposed to Ally (and she accepted). That triggered in me, the question, can a photo be Monetized (I didn’t know the term at the time but that was essentially the thought). Thanks for showing this, I’ll have to try it myself.

Hi! Yes, any photo can be “Monetized” (that term was a pun). But it may require many trials, changing settings, and playing with layers and blending mode to achieve the look you’re after. I tend to like applying the Stylize filter on a duplicate layer, then blend it with the original layer in “HSV Value mode”, then adding some type of sharpening (there are many in G’MIC, I used “Magic detail”) and playing with the layer’s opacity.