More natural sorting of tags + case insensitive duplicate detection + issue with count sorting?


It would be nice to have a more natural sorting in tagging module, especially:

  • Accented letters like [éèêëàâoô…] at non-accented ones side [eao…]
  • Capital letters at lowercase ones side.
    NB : maybe duplicate detection should be case insensitive as well…

What do you think about it?

PS: count sorting doesn’t seem to work in hierarchical tree view (I mean for listing of all available tags, not the listing of all tags set up which is ok). Am I the only one here?

If you submit this sort of thing to the github site as an issue or feature request you will be more likely to get some action…

Yes, of course. It was just to make sure I didn’t miss something :wink:


Just keep in mind that the “natural” sorting order can differ between languages (and there are a few other pitfalls, like über/ueber)

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