Motorola G7 £150/ $200 dollar phone

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The above was taken using a cheap Android landfill phone, that saves DNG’s in manual mode. Though the sensor is poor with vertical lines in the noise, the settings for metering (-2.0 ev) and focus were overridden but the little backlit hairs were not visible at the time.

The OOC jpeg is below, it’s a bit comic book and there’s quite a lot of smearing to get rid of sensor noise and posterisation but it’s an interesting comparison.


motorola.g7.jpg.out.pp3 (17.2 KB) RawTherapee (5.9/development)

Interesting to edit a RAW from a cheap phone. You do notice that some things are slightly wonky, but overall you can get a good end-result.

Anyway; Thanks for sharing!


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Ah, I see you went for vibrance rather than chromacity on a dev RT version no less, any reason why (vibrance), I use Lab because of Andy Astbury. Though while playing around I noticed that the shadow on the right leaf tend towards the blue, which is “reality” as on a clear sky day the only light reaching the backlit leaf is going to be either reflected or from the sky.

More subtle than mine, I admit I went for a more dramatic increase in sharpness to bring out the veins on the leaf but the great thing about RAW is that people have options and there’s really no right or wrong.

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Impressive what you can do with a cheap smartphone! I tried to focus on the colors an textures of the leaves. I also liked the background on the left and brought it out a bit.

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Yeah. It has some really nice new features. Of which I only used the Waveform + Crop + RGB curve combo to try and set a neutral White Balance to start off the edit with.

Too be totally honest: I’m in the process of switching to RawTherapee as my main RAW editor and started seriously using it about 4-5 weeks ago. As a result I’m not yet able to utilize the needed modules to their fullest. I also notice that I need too many modules at the moment to get to my end-result. Learning curve and all that.

So the short answer would be: Because I couldn’t just yet with the other, already used, modules :slight_smile:

Nice ! RT 5.8

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significantly better bokeh’d than my rendition :wink:

and not as heavy handed as my approach :slight_smile:

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Thank you, it would not have occurred to me to use soften or bloom.