Mountain challenge

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Lovely image! I hope you don’t mind that I’ve kind of taken it a different direction :grinning: I really like the different flowers in the foreground. I used color zones (I’m new to this module) to bring out the colours a bit.

DSCF0319.RAF.xmp (12.5 KB)
This is a quick edit so I may have messed up something. I’m thinking I should have brought a bit more clarity to the foreground. Diffuse and sharpen maybe…

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I see it in B&W, but the rocks in the foreground are backlit and you have to respect the perception. Beautiful shot.

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The light for such a composition is terrible. I tried to solve this with b&w and too bright stones for the foreground. Side effect is unfortunately unrealistic photo. Your version is nice but the photo doesn’t stand out which I tried to do.

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Here is my interpretation, I also prefer black and white for this photo.
Rightly or wrongly, I always start with a color version for black and white processing,
Greetings from Brussels,

Uploading: DSCF0319.RAF.xmp…

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Thanks for posting
darktable 4.0

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Beautiful scene, but less than ideal lighting. I’d love to see how it looks at the opposite time of day with the sun lighting up the foreground. Anyway, here’s my version. I tried to bring out the foreground just enough without making it look flat or unnatural.

DSCF0319.RAF.arp (28.3 KB)


My play in GIMP. I decided to treat it as a panorama and emphasise the different planes going into the distance.

EDIT: A more sensible size jpeg!

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My version…

DSCF0319.RAF.xmp (17.9 KB)


My try using RT dev
Maybe too much tinkering

DSCF0319_RT-4.jpg.out.pp3 (22.3 KB)

DSCF0319_RT-5.jpg.out.pp3 (22.4 KB)

Hi. It’s a nice image, it has the classical graduated fading colour density which really shows distance. Just a small crop gives it drama (I think). I do favour landscapes in a wide format, it also removes some foreground which is distracting. It also leads your eye into the picture by placing the path in the corner.

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I was surprised just how much difference the sigmoid function made over the basic filmic. Better contrast and detailing including the definition of the background.
Nothing fancy in my processing but significant use of tone equalizer to soften the contrast.

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Prefere soft and natural


Nice shot!

My version using dt 4.0.0:

DSCF0319_01.RAF.xmp (13.7 KB)

An updated version where the rocks are not bluish:

DSCF0319_01.RAF.xmp (18.4 KB)

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Spectacular. Love the way you pulled the detail out of the remote mountains while sharpening the contrast throughout the various planes of view.

Thank you very much for your compliment,
Greetings from Brussels,

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