Mountains again

Hi, I need some help for this shot. I’m trying to darken the sky for give it more structure and contrast bu when I lower the exposure with some mask the sky become very dusty and noisy. Does it depend on some mistakes in the camera exposure, or maybe the quality of the (old) 1100d is so poor or I’m using in the wron way the modules?
Another question. When I resize images for Jpg and web, all the sharpness is lost and pictures look like very soft. How can I sharpen them in Darktable AFTER the exportation?
Be free to play with this picture!
Thank you all!

IMG_4810.CR2 (16.5 MB)

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IMG_4810.CR2.xmp (40.3 KB)

The problems with this image, I think, are above all the portion of sky overexposed and the low contrast between snow and sky in the massif on the right. I think i should have expose everything less than I have done, at least to save the sky.

2 things come to mind that might help you, both part of the export module:

  1. Set high quality resampling to yes
    I’m not sure what it is set to by default, but I have it set to yes and never have sharpness issues.
  2. If the above doesn’t help: There is a style option present in the export module that you can use. Create a style using the sharpness, Diffuse or sharpen or the contrast equalizer module that is to your liking and point the style option to it.
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Here’s my version, a little bit overcooked, it seems that this image has some colour cast going on here and there (and dust, especially in the sky), unlike your previous image.

IMG_4810.CR2.xmp (78.1 KB)
dt 3.7

As for export sharpening, I don’t think dt has one (AFAIK), that’s some feature that I often used as well in another RAW editor, but if I really need it, I used an external editor to add or used LUA script to apply it.

Your lens (if the metadata is accurate) is already sharp enough (that’s the lens i often used in the past), and Diffuse and Sharpen module for input sharpening and Contrast Equalizer module for creative/local sharpening does a good job, just like @Jade_NL said above.

For camera setting, for general use, i found that f/8-f/9 (with hyperfocal focusing, for landscape image) is the sweet spot for APS-C sensor before diffraction starts to kicks in (and f/10 - f/11 for FF sensor).

Just by seeing your ipg I like very much how do you develop the sky! I’m curious to see how do you have achieved this result. I think that the rocks are maybe too brown, actually they were grey. I didn’t notice the color cast!
Good job!

mountains.again.cr2.xmp (18.9 KB) darktable 3.7 development

The sky isn’t all that dramatic to begin with, pushing it even further looks wrong (mainly unbalanced) to me and also introduces ugliness.

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Thanks for posting I tried to play with high/low lights
darktable 3.6

IMG_4810_02.CR2.xmp (17.1 KB)

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Yes, a lot of personal colour preferences happening there, I prefer a stylistic approach most of the time.

The sky is generally just an exposure correction with some local contrast added in, but i play with colour a bit especially on the rocks/grounds, that’s why I notice some colours behave strangely in some places, but I’m not sure if it’s colour cast, the effect of haze or clipping, or just the actual colour of the scene.

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