Moving from Picassa to DigiKam with Name Tags

Hi everyone,

I have used digiKam 5 & 6 now (on Windows) , wanting to move away from Picassa and keep my large Name Tagging efforts in tact. The Tags are written in the photos.

When I import and review the name tags digiKam seems to do a pretty good job of keeping the names , however I have noticed that the regions can be regularly in the wrong place. So I end up with a tree called Uncle Bob.

I have also noticed that the problem seems to be with photos that have a portrait orientation. I don’t rotate images, I rely on software reading the tags to rotate for viewing.It looks like the regions for the box are pre-rotation. so for example, if I have 3 faces all tagged inPpicassa on a portrait photo, and look at them in Digikam the boxes are where the faces would be if the photo had not been rotated.

I am reasonably new to the world of digiKam and how photo tagging actually works, it looks like from the raw data added to the photo, which I viewed with Adobe Bridge XML window, Picassa and digiKam write the tags differently.

What I want to know is are the misplaced portrait regions a bug with digiKam or Picassa , and therefore is my tagging data wrong and need deleting , or is it right and I should report a bug , which when fixed, show all my data correctly.

Does anyone else have any experience of this issue ?

That’s a known issue, and unfortunately a bit involved one to fix:

Thanks Rasimo, at least I know my data is still worth keeping. I also know where to look in future :slight_smile:

Shame , looks like the issue has been around since 2016 and its hard to fix. I was really hoping I could switch over to Face Tagging in digiKam.

fingers crossed now its confirmed and identified.

I had exactly the same issue and I just moved the face regions manually. Luckily my collection was not that giant back then.