Moving selection of images to the queue en masse

RawTherapee 5.6

I batch edited a set of images. I then searched for a way to move all of the selected images to the queue at once. I failed.

I searched the docs to no avail.

Is there a way to move all selected images to the queue in one operation?

Ah. So simple.
Another question regarding the Ouput Location. I had assumed the %f parameter would just use the image’s root name. However, RT appends “.1” to the name instead of overwriting the file as indicated in Preferences.

How do I prevent the change of name for the output file?

Oops. That should be “-1” appended.

Never mind. I do not know what changed; the output files are replacing existing ones now.

CTRL-B also works.

I try to learn keyboard shortcuts where I can, and I’m a huge fan of CRTL-B.

I typically filter a large number of phones using Digikam first, then move them to a ‘filtered’ folder. As I work through them in RT, I’ll finish the final edits and CTRL-B to send it to the Queue.

Once I’m done I’ll turn on batch run from the queue manager and let it do its job.