Multiple instance module trouble

(Roel) #1

I think I stumbled on a few, possibly related, issues that seem to concern images with multiple instances of a module. I looked for similar reports of these issues or even an official bug report, but I couldn’t find one (if there is one, I apologize in advance!). I am using 2.4.1 in Windows x64.

First I experience a crash when I try to delete a duplicated module. See this NEF (29.5 MB) and this XMP (7.5 KB). If I first try to delete “denoise (profiled) 2” followed by “denoise (profiled) 1” I invariably crash darktable. I get this dump (7.4 KB) for example.

Second is an issue when changing files in the filmstrip in the darkroom. The apparent order of multiple instances get mixed up (they are still processed in their correct order). Which looks weird. Also, the modules appear expanded, while they shouldn’t. A sample view of my right pane:
This is quite a big annoyance in my workflow.

So, have I dug up something already known or is this new? :slight_smile:

(Roel) #2

Could anyone confirm above findings?

I am hesitant on submitting it as bugs, because maybe it is already well known with the developers. At least I cannot find an existing bug report.

(Mica) #3

You should not hesitate to file a bug!