Multiples issue on Mac OS High Sierra

I also posted this bug report on github, I post it here too just in case, delete the extra one.

After testing art on mac os here’s what I found:
_ no worries at the installation (mac os high sierra imac 27 late 2013)
_ the software launches well
_ the software icon is not displayed correctly (art_mac_01.png)
_ I can’t navigate in my photo folders (under the “2020” folder on the screenshot) (art_mac__02.png).
_ I can only navigate in this folder if it is also open in the finder. I can’t go into these sub-folders.
I can only access a folder if it is open in the finder.
_ The lens correction remains grayed out and I can’t choose either lens or case (art_mac_04.png)
_ icons in modules do not appear (art_mac_03.png)
_ the export does not start, even if you check auto start and change folder.
_ there are lines that appear around the menu windows (art_mac_05.png)

Hopefully this will help the porting of this great software to Mac OS X.

art_mac_03 art_mac_04 art_mac_05

Sorry, maybe I should have created an issue on Bitbucket?

I’m not aware that there is a github repo. Bitbucket is the correct place.

Thanks for reporting. Unfortunately, there’s little I can do, as I don’t have access to a Mac for developing/testing art. I can only ping @Carmelo_drraw who kindly provides the Mac builds, maybe he knows what is going on…

Got it. I will have a look…

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Don’t worry, I mainly use ubuntu which may help to port your great software. This should be of interest to some mac owners as well.

The address of the github on the Bitbucket Wiki Art:
Experimental Mac OSX builds (please test!):