My digiKam has quit acknowledging outside changes ?

I have version 7.3.0
Always before, if I added GPS (ExifToolGUI or XnView) or Keyword Tags (XnView IPTC Template) outside of digiKam, the changes were immediately reflected within digiKam.
Now, for reasons unbeknownst to be, I have to do Item > Reread Metadata from Selected Files before digiKam will acknowledge and display the changes.
I have scrutinized Settings and I cannot see any reason for this change in behavior.

How can I fix this ?

I’m not at my computer, but I think there is also a setting that allows digiKam to scan for changes at program start. Perhaps you had this activated in the past and for any reason, it is now inactive?

Good Idea
If you are meaning the option in Settings > Configure digiKam > Collections — down at the bottom-left corner — That box is and has always been checked.
I can’t find anything in the metadata tab that would eliminate the undesirable behavior.

Maybe my machine just needs a restart; sometimes that cures a host of mysterious ills.