My first astro picture!

My first astrophotography attempt, the Andromeda galaxy M31 along with its neighbours M32 and M110.
As they say, you’re never to old to learn and at 82 I’m kinda chuffed with the result!


Very nice!

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How many layers, how many hours? I know that astrophotography is the most time-consuming discipline …

This was only 30 photos taken on my Sony RX10Miv camera mounted on a Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer. 30sec exp, 500mm, ISO1600, then I took 10 Dark and 10 Biases, processed in SiriL and Photos.
I’ve just done a bit more tweaking Photos but I think I prefer the other one…


no. This one! it’s even more impressive.

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Thanks beachbum, Now done a bit of different tweaking, I added “flats” and re processed the whole thing. I also didn’t crop quite so much. Think it made a difference…