My head hurts. Need help learning how to use Rawtheraphee.

(Brandon) #1

Can any one link me to a good source for starting out with v 5.2

(Mica) #2

Hello & welcome!

Have you read the getting started page of the documentation?

Also, version 5.3 is out now :smiley:

(Brandon) #3

I have not thank you


Hi @Brandon57 and welcome!

Here is a link that I valued when I was new to RT:

This forum (i.e. also contains a lot of valuable information.

If you – after having read all the docs that Mica linked you to – still
have any questions [ :slight_smile: ] just ask the forum.

Have fun!
Claes in Lund, Sweden


My favorite resource for practical training:

(Moisés Musashi Santana) #6

There’s some videos on youtube. I’m starting to learn it too, it’s a great and powerful app.

(Brandon) #7

I’ll check it out thanks.

(Brandon) #8

Thank you