naming of exports

I finally updated from 3.2.1 to 3.6.1 on linux. I use the RL output sharpening but my problem is the naming of the files on export.

I’d like the output name to be like: file on disk with the on conflict setting.

Now it is always: filename-99.jpg

How do I set that if it’s the 1st instance, the jpg has the exact same name as the original file and if it will overwrite, then add the numbers extension if need be?


What are your exact settings?

The following does exactly what you want:


Assuming the RAW is called foo.nef, the first image will be called foo.jpg, the second foo_01.jpg.

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No. This works for file on disk. It doesn’t for RL output sharpen


The exported files always have a foo_xx.jpg

I assume the lua script has predefined some of the output parameters, perhaps @wpferguson can clarify.

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Please create an issue at

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Sorry, but no can do. I can’t register. I never receive the confirmation email. (I’ve tried 2x with 2 different email addresses).

Can you please do it for me? Is there any other information that you would need?