My last email was somewhat misunderstood.
Anyway, I am running an Apple with the latest software ( macOS Big Sur). My pictures are stored on a separate machine, that is only a storage device.
The question is, how do I download the pictures from the NAS (my local storage device) into “darkroom” .

Look forward to reading.


I believe this is for importing photos into darktable, correct? (If so, it should be moved to the category Software / darktable.)
Could you please describe your problem?
Normally, if the photos are available via a network share, once would use ‘import’ to add them to darktable’s catalogue without copying them.
For better performance, and to be able to work disconnected from the NAS, I’ve can also make ‘local copies’.
Both of these are described in the manual. Please provide more details so we can help you better. Screenshots, error messages, steps you’re performing etc.

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I will do so as soon as possible. Thanks.

I have attached a copy of “import”, “add to library”. That’s as far as I get importing images from the NAS.

Kofa, is this the manual at “”?


@Oliver Perhaps a silly idea, but it is still worth a try:
What happens if you click on the small triangle
immediately to the left of 2019?

Have fun!
Claes in Lund, Sweden

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I think this is it…nuance of DT that the files are not populated until you click a subfolder…

You may, depending on your file structure, also need to check the recursive directory option

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Thanks Chris.

@Claes, it doesn’t work because Pictures is a folder, by Apple, especially for all sorts of pictures. All the listed folders , under pictures, are genuinely in “Pictures”.

@priort @Marcsitkin, it doesn’t work because the actual folders names aren’t listed, outside computer.

Perhaps a stupid question, but is your NAS visible through other programs (e.g. finder)?

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@rvietor. Yes certainly IS visible using for instance Finder.