Natron 2.3.15 prerelease, available for Mac, Linux and Windows

Update: Natron 2.3.15 released!

please test and report here.
Windows version coming soon (thanks @rodlie )


Note that we have a issue on the Linux builds:

A quick workaround for the users are to remove ‘strings’ from the bin folder until we release a new build.

Hi I’m in Manjaro Linux and I can’t see the lines and numbers of my frames in my timeline on the new version.

Not able to replicate if I build it myself, but the binaries are missing lines and number…

EDIT: Also the same issue with the Windows binaries.

Do the ticks reappear when you zoom a lot on the timeline?
Please continue this conversation in the Natron issue.

Yes, it shows up if zoom in (9 ticks on the scroll wheel).

Windows builds are now available for public testing. This is the first Windows build since 2018 so there might be some additional issues compared to Linux/Mac, so keep away from production and please report any issues.


v2.3.15-rc17 is now available for testing: