Natron can't run for the first time 2.4.4

Hey friends, I’m new at Natron, just installed it and I want to use it with my Blender day to day workflow, but sadly after installing it at creating UI it just disappears and I can’t run it no matter what! I searched but couldn’t find any solution! I’m using Windows 10, AMD RX580 series, I saw some removing registry and app data local file for clean installation, I did all of that, I still can’t run Natron! can someone help me run it plz? tnx.

AMD (drivers) has been a known issue for years. see our latest open issue regarding this: Natron Crashes on Startup · Issue #845 · NatronGitHub/Natron · GitHub

Sadly I can’t help much, try downgrading/upgrading the driver until it works is the best answer I can give.

Thanks for replying, good to know at least the problem is for AMD Drivers, do you know which version of AMD drivers work with Natron? I think we should report it the AMD, I did this for Blender and they fix it, I’m going to report this bug to AMD but more reports the better.

Good evening,

I think back to something that looked like this on a release of darktable, Windows users who like me had a nickname with accented letters (éèçà^) had this kind of problem…