Natron development status?

(Frédéric Devernay) #13

You can already propose a bounty for each issue posted on GitHub (it has been so for more than 6 months and nobody ever offered anything).
The main issue is to find developers, though.


(Stephen Thomas) #14

If you’re a developer, you’d probably know about the bug bounties. I doubt many regular users know about this, which no doubt explains why nobody has used it for over 6 months.

If finding more developers is the top priority though, it’s understandable that you’re not actively seeking funding from your users. I hope you manage to find lots of talented developers :+1:


(Mica) #15

Users can actively recruit developers too!


(magdesign) #16

I just asked to write in their blog that natron needs a new maintainer (as we discussed in the other thread).
Since the Natron website is hosted on github, we could make a commit with changes on the site, with a content something like this: Maintainer and Coders needed.

edited on 23.11.18 => fixed the Github link:
edit2: I made a pull request with a ribbon: Maintainer Needed!

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(Ati) #17

Yeah I think the some simple way to contribute for normal people like Patreon would good idea. Git hub is to confusing not very clear if you are not developer, this bounty payment is not very visible. After creating Patreon all people that are interested in using Natron can easily donate and also spread this information to all forums and social media.



Might also be worthwhile to look at the blender development fund. Being able to support developers part-/fulltime is a great incentive to get new developers and keep active ones.

I’m sure Ton Rosendaal (blender chairman) can provide some needed info on this.
The truth is that Natron is a big project, not something you simply dive into on a lazy sunday.

Things like kickstarter are great to reach a specific development target, but a steady monthly income can do much more.

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(Dominic Stone Kaiser) #19

Hello I am a user of Natron and Blender. Also do Devops for my day job. So I would be glad to help any way I can. I am going to start looking at the code as this falls into some of my talents. So who controls what gets merged now does anyone know?


(Mica) #20

That is @devernay.

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(Dominic Stone Kaiser) #21

Excellent so there is management of the code still. So I am looking over readme now in Github. Love this project to much to let it sit. Thanks for the info.


(Mica) #22

Best of luck!

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(Simon Frei) #23

I am a tiny bit confused about the (low) magnitude of reaction in this topic to @Dominic_Stone_Kaiser statement that he looks into contribution his dev skills to Natron. I hope there is more going on behind the scenes. There were so many statements of wanting to support the project in “non-coding” ways (organisation, funding, …) that were always curbed by first needing someone that does the coding. I am not saying @Dominic_Stone_Kaiser necessarily is that person or one person alone is enough, but he could be and one active contributor very often is the spark to attract others.

What I am saying is:
I hope @Dominic_Stone_Kaiser and Natron in general already gets all the support they can use, and this post of mine is totally unnecessary - however if that’s not the case, please remember all your ideas and act on them!

I was a bit vary of posting this as I am in no way involved with Natron, neither as a user nor dev - please don’t take this as an attack, it’s merely a sentiment by an open source user and “hobby-dev” that couldn’t be held in any longer :slight_smile:


(John Titor) #24

Same here; I am exploring the code to find a way in. I have mostly been struggling with the documentation of the build system so far to get it to build and run in a debugger tbh. I would love to see Natron continue to evolve and I hope to become of more use in the future :).



I think patreon would gain more attention than bug bounty. People sometime just want to donate a few cent rather than set certain amount of money on specific feature.

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(Frédéric Devernay) #26

Patreon can only work if there are active developers.
The goal with bouties is to attract developers who may want to try to tackle down a bug.

Candidate developers can ask me questions about the code. I may or may not be able to answer these, but as you see I am still monitoring this forum, so take advantage of it.


(Ivan Gretsky) #27

Good day!

Is there any progress with finding project contributor/maintainer? Could you share what has been done and what is being done? What can a non-coder interested in project do to move it forward? Where could we post?

We need to keep the great Natron alive!


(Antonio) #28

There was a user called @threedslider who seemed keen on restarting development. See this thread: It is cool some feature if it will implement for Natron by contributor

However I haven’t seen any update from him since February. There is another thread discussing this here: Can we talk about the future

The best thing non-coders can do is help out with documentation. I see you’ve already commented on this thread Documentation: please help write the docs! There’s no maintainer for the documentation so if you spot anything missing go ahead add it. No need to wait for permission!


(Ivan Gretsky) #29

I went ahead and tried to move the docs to the standard readthedocs theme. I do not feel knowledgeable enough yet to write docs for Natron as I am only making my first steps with this software. But I can see it is something that deserves to be not left behind. So once again I want to ask, what can we do to search for a project maintainer? Maybe we could turn to some educational institutions? I mean, looking for contributors among the users of the software might not be the best way to do it. Maybe look for them among programmers, that look for a project to practice on?


(Adam Earle) #30

From our end there we will be going over sea to to find cheaper talent. for coding just so that we can cultivate community.

We are looking at getting one of the original devs to come and train though. We haven’t approached them yet as we are still working out the production.



(Adam Earle) #31

Thats a great idea about getting universities invovled and school involved. every semester a student could be working on natron/ other open source. I’m surprised schools haven’t caught on to this yet.

Perhaps we should put a call out to the schools on the natron site and schools can get an honorable mention.

It wouldn’t hurt hitting up schools and studios to do for this kinda thing.



(Antonio) #32

I do not feel knowledgeable enough yet to write docs for Natron as I am only making my first steps with this software.

That’s understandable and is the same for me. Still, as no one else is doing it go ahead and write/edit if there’s anything missing.

Maybe we could turn to some educational institutions? I mean, looking for contributors among the users of the software might not be the best way to do it. Maybe look for them among programmers, that look for a project to practice on?

Great idea! I remember that between 2006 and 2012 GIMP had Peter Sikking and his students hack on GIMP’s user interface (I had fun following this related blog of UI designs ). There’s a bit of information on that here: Maybe you can ask them how that collaboration came about.

@ivangretsky @Adam_Earle You should totally go ahead with this! As far as I can tell right now there aren’t any others looking to make this happen so you should do it :slight_smile: Are there any institutions or courses in particular that you can look to for support?