Need help with Retinex in V5.8 please

Tried Retinex with a DNG and with a Sigma DP2 raw X3F. Retinex is not grayed out and the list of functions appears when “retinex” is clicked on.

But, when enabled, the review image and histogram do not change, and nothing happens when sliders are moved or options changed.

RT is 64-bit running under Win 7 Pro on a Dell CORE i5 with 16GB RAM.

Thanks for looking …


afaik Retinex works only with bayer and xtrans raw files.
We should gray it out for other files.

Hmm, it should work with raw files of any kind, just not with non raw files, looking …

Thanks so far, Ingo. I’ll try an RW2, only other kind of raw I can get currently.

You have plenty of other raw formats in the Playraw section :smiley:

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Sorry, I am new here and I have no idea what the “Playraw section” is or where it’s at. :frowning:

Take a look here

Those are images that users of this forum have kindly donated to the community (they have uploaded the images and granted permissions to use them freely), so you can download them, use them, process them, and if you like what you have done, even upload your resulting image to the corresponding thread (the one where you downloaded the image from).

That gives you the opportunity to play with raw images from cameras you don’t own, and/or practice your skills with a certain software or tool.

Honestly, it’s fun! :smiley:

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Thanks for the info. Do you happen to know if there’s a raw there that will for sure work with RT 5.8 Retinex? If so, I could eliminate RT as the problem and look to my own computer instead …

This one of a windmill works fine here

And with fine I mean that the moment you turn on the Retinex tool, the changes are really visible. You may even have a lot of fun with it, because the changes could be really dramatic.

Excellent, Xavier. It worked just as you said. And the default is a lot better visually than the GIMP plug-in. See:

An RW2 from my Panasonic GH1 also worked. So Sigma X3Fs don’t work and I suspect that the DNG that I tried was the unusual Linear (non-Bayer) type because it was converted from a Sigma X3F too.

Looks like you solved the mystery. Thanks again.