Need Help with Sharpening

New to Raw Therapee – I have selected Sharpening, changed to view to 100% or above, but when changing ANY of the sliders I don’t see any type of change in the displayed image.

Any help or suggestions will be appreciated especially since this must be because I am doing something wrong or not doing something. Thanks for any jelp

Have you activated the module?

Hi @vern and welcome!

First of all: did you turn that module ON? (By clicking on the on/off button to the left of the module title.)

Then: Go to second tab (Detail), turn Contrast by Detail Levels ON. Click about 12 times (!) on the Contrast+ button. Notice any difference?

Have fun!
Claes in Lund, Sweden

You should have it turned on, like this.GIMP-2.10

By activating – I assume so since I clicked on the Sharpen choice. Is this proper or did I not do this right ?

Click on the little icon directly to the left of Sharpening. It should look like mine in the example immediately above your reply. Click it again to toggle it on or off.

Where I clicked (to activate) was in the Horizontal row of options for which the second is Detail and within this is Sharper – So, quite different from what you displayed – now I need to find that display that you illustrated. I don’t know which is worse – being new to a different software or just being dumb. I don’t know which for me – [Grin]…

It’s always healthier if you read the Getting started page on Rawpedia.

Lots of good tips there :wink:


Left side, Sharpening inactive (not turned on). Right side, Sharpening turned on

If you don’t see the star tab icon in RT, don’t worry, it’s explained in RawPedia as the Favorites tab.

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That is the first thing I did after installing the latest version. Honestly, there are many things that a new user MAY encounter that may (or may not) be covered in such narrative.
However, if these type items are carefully reviewed by a couple completely NEW users, it has a better chance of covering a lot of things that any other new user gets into.

NOW: Please advise how to access the Activation area that I obviously missed --OR-- display the area in the getting started that covers this.

To the left of each tool’s label is a power button (Power-on-small.png on / Power-off-small.png off) which lets you turn it on or off, or in some cases instead of a power button there is a triangular expander Expander-closed-small.png. Read the Tools section of the General Comments About Some Toolbox Widgets article for a detailed explanation. Browse through the tabs and panels until you feel totally overwhelmed by all that’s available.


My screen is relatively small compared to some of the newer Monitors, The primary Monitor is an AccuSync 120. The second is a slightly smaller MultiSync FE992 – both are NEC.

I now see the rather small symbol that you pointed out to use to activate the function (to Sharper) and evidently is applicable symbol location for other selections.

Many thanks. I will get back to RawTherapee late today – after taking care of some “Honey - do’s”

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Well, that is my first phase of progress with the Obvious LONG series of learning sessions. Many Thanks to ALL …

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When using the space and + to zoom the displayed image, is there somewhere that the % view is displayed. I have not found it – if there is.

Also, I have found only a way to have the left half of the screen used to display the active image. Is there a way to view the image using the entire (full) display screen.

I will appreciate any help.

Could you post screenshots to show what you are talking about? Sometimes an illustration is worth more than thousand words…

Being new, I have not used that feature – so I am not much help when others are trying to help me. However, the screen as current usage, has the image being edited in the left half of screen and whatever adjustment that is currently selected in the right part. Currently, I am working with the various selections that may be used for Sharpening and have the screen set to 100 (or above 100 ) and I have NO idea what percent that is currently being displayed.

The other “viewing in full screen” I believe is self explanatory since all settings would NOT be available but the entire screen could be used to view the current progress in any adjustments that have been made.

I failed to mention that even if I knew how to post, the current image is of a Family Photograph (at Christmas time) that I can not post in a Public Forum.

You mean this?

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Full screen is not possible atm, but you can collapse the panels by using this button to get a larger preview area

Also this one to get even larger preview area

I believe you have answered my inquiry by indicating YOU have no way to know the percent. This indicates the answer to my inquiry is "There is NOT a provision showing displayed. My reason for asking is when the displayed is somewhat LARGE, then, sharpening defects can be mistaken because of the % being too high.

Also, no way to view Full Screen.

Many thanks for your help.