Need Help with Sharpening

For sharpening in details tab of RT you can control it by this adjuster

For capture sharpening that is not possible atm

Hello @vern

I will be 88 next month

WOW. And you still wish to earn new stuff :slight_smile:

first 3 to 4 minutes is primarily ONLY audio.

Can’t understand what’s going on your side…
In short, this specific YouTube tutorial is primarily a video, with its audio part in English.
The tools of RawTherapee are huge, in the video, as far as their visualization in this video is concerned.
Needless to say, you must watch the video at the maximum quality, that is 720p (the topmost for these specific videos on YouTube):

Here is the link for this channel, where there are other YouTube videos concerning RawTherapee, by the same author.
All these videos have both the video and the audio part:

If you have problems with videos you might stick with RawPedia (RawTherapee’s documentation) and of course continue asking on this forum :slight_smile:

I spent close to half day with this Sharpening choices and never was I able to get what I was hoping for – to select ONLY shadows to apply sharpening to and NOT affect highlights.

This perhaps can be done by someone experienced in RT but I failed in my efforts to do this.

Regarding your comment:
WOW. And you still wish to learn new stuff :

I really like Photography – I must since I have been in it since the early 1950’s.

Also, I like and enjoy learning and using well designed software Programs where advanced programming was applied.
I worked in Computer Systems, Programming, Management, and Consulting for close to 30 years and during this time I programmed in more than 10 Programming Languages – which all during that time were for the IBM big Main Frame Computers.
Most of that time, I was Manager of all Computer functions including Systems Design, Programming and Operations.
Later, I did programming for the PC Computers .

I have always enjoyed learning NEW things and also believe it keeps a person’s mind active and productive.


@vern Salutations! There is no substitute for a nimble manner at any age.

I find that the ‘local contrast’ tool can help give images a crisper look. My general setting is to move the dark slider about to half of the default and to leave the light where it is (sorry, i forget the exact names of the sliders off hand). I play with radius visually, but it usually go lower than the default.