negadoctor + color calibration - adjusting white balance

As negadoctor was developed before the color calibration module was implemented, I’m wondering if there’s any new guidance for setting white balance.
In the “modern” chromatic adaptation workflow, I’m assuming we leave the white balance module on “camera reference” and then adjust the white balance in the color calibration module. But where I’m a little confused is which illuminant is best in this module.

I’m photographing my negatives with a DSLR and an LED light source in a room with incandescent light. The negative itself was shot in daylight. So that’s three two different illuminants I’m dealing with. Should I just be taking a spot reading of the LED light source as per the manual? Or do I need to cater to the daylight film and incandescent ambient light as well in the color calibration module?

(Edited as I’ve removed the incandescent light from the scenario)

Why not get rid of the incandescent light and make it slightly easier on yourself?

I actually realized that after I made the post. There’s no need for the ambient light. Thx.