Neowise (C/2020 F3)

@gadolf is right, I am speaking about the LCD/OVF zoom, not about the zoom lens.

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Thanks a lot Daniel.

While comet is maybe too faraway from the Sun to be bright now, it’s never too late to learn and hear the guys that produce great night images. :slight_smile: I also downloaded Sequator and Siril to check. Siril looks great, but hardcore.

Well, they also said this weekend was the last good one to check… I might try today in the evening again.

no worries, the camera will still ‘see’ the comet, you will most likely see it only very faint with your own eyes.
All you need now is clear sky, at least at night and in the north-west :wink:

Have fun!

This is good. I like your composition, crops as a fence behind one can see both the man-made and the space-made.

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Enjoyed the previous takes; esp. @Jean-Marc_Digne’s where the stars are easy to see.

Here is my take: minimalist as I usually like it. Tried cropping but decided it was best not to do so.

1 PhotoFlow demosaicing (HL blend), lens corrections (vignetting, CA), sRGB.
2 gmic afre_localcontrast, afre_contrast, afre_localcontrast, chroma (not publicly available).

Zoom and enjoy!