New DT user, can't open Canon SL2 files

(John Higgins) #1

Sorry about this, but I just got an SL2 and darktable 2.4 (previous user of Lr)…and although I see in other posts that this issue has been “fixed”, I was hoping someone could help me figure out why I cannot edit my raw files! I get the “cannot read white balance for xxx” when I try to open the darktable editor. The previews, however, all appear fine in the light table portion of the software. What is the simple fix that my dumb@$$ is missing here? Thank you so much!


Don’t degrade yourself just yet :wink:. Welcome to the forum BTW!

First thing to do is tell us more about the problem by sharing a raw file or two and a screenshot of the error alert, etc. Sometimes it might have to do with your setup (OS, RAM, etc.) or even where you downloaded the app in question. Please provide as much context as possible so that we can help you.

(Mica) #3

Do you use the canon supplied software to download or alter the raw files?

(John Higgins) #4

Thanks for the welcome! I am on my mobile, but I can get to the raw files in a bit. I am using a fresh install of windows 10 64 bit, and I am pretty sure that I got the install file from the darktable own site link. My CPU is an old 2nd gen 4 core i5, I have 3gb of RAM ATM. But like I mentioned, the previews all appear correctly. So that’s weird no?


The previews are usually taken from the embedded jpeg files unless the file was edited in the darkroom. Therefore it could be that these can be extracted while still the raw data is not understood. What’s the cameras make and model? Did you check the supported devices list But if your camera is supported or not, example files would definitely help sorting this issue, as mentioned before.


Looks like it isn’t supported currently. I see 3 NOs next to “Canon EOS Rebel SL2”. 200D is the same as SL2 but for a different region. Unsure if it is necessary to list the camera twice but I faintly recall someone giving a reason.

(Mica) #7

I don’t think that list is up to date, try searching on, and if it isn’t there, upload a sample.

(Roman Lebedev) #8

That link is up to date, because it does not contain a column “raw samples”.
If the first column contains that camera, then it should be supported.

(Mica) #9

Well the SL2 sample was only uploaded on January 9 of this year, so…

(Roman Lebedev) #10

And? I’m not sure what point you are trying to make.

(John Higgins) #11

Ok I created an account at the remind darktable page. Y’all just want me to report this there too? Also, I grabbed a jump drive that had a few of my raw files on it, only to realize that my wife had wiped it and put on previously edited pics of our nephew…so not helpings anything at the moment. But I will definitely get a few raw files after work.

(John Higgins) #12

IMG_0176.CR2 (30.1 MB)
IMG_0184.CR2 (31.4 MB)
IMG_0007.CR2 (33.6 MB)

(John Higgins) #13

here you go guys! have at them and let me know what I have done wrong at this point. for the sake of record keeping, these do open perfectly fine with Canon’s DPP and also with the latest version of rawtherapee (my older version of that program didn’t work, but 5.3 is good to go). But darktable seems to fit the bill for my editing needs (and would be my #1), so whatever I can do to help the cause, please let me know!

(Roman Lebedev) #14


(John Higgins) #15

if I am reading the info request correctly, only properly exposed shots should be sent to that link, right? I’ll cull a few that I feel are spot on OOC tonight and upload them!

(Roman Lebedev) #16

Eh? Are we looking at the same link here?
I’m telling (for the second? third?) time to file the bug.
Not to submit the samples.

(John Higgins) #17

nope. got it. bug filed. I was reading in other threads, or perhaps it was the wiki/sticky, that “properly exposed” OOC RAW files were required to further the development of the program. I was slow to add the bug report because I just presumed that someone else must have done so by now since the camera, while relatively new, has been around since the summer and “base support” has already been added. not entirely sure what that means, but I didn’t want to just be the new guy that just showed up here and immediately did nothing but complain and demand a solution.

(John Higgins) #18

Looks like our man Roman already has this issue resolved! Impressive work sir :star_struck: There is a targeted implementation release for V 2.6…so I will dilly around with DPP or RT until then. I know I speak for my fellow SL2 users when I say thanks again, and we can hardly wait!

(Roman Lebedev) #19

Yeah, it was a very dumb problem with case-sensitivity

The fix is in dt git master (so you can build yourself, or use snapshots),
and should be in next point release (2.4.1?), should it happen.